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An introduction to three of the galleries...

Nor'eastern Dinghies

All along the northeast coast, from Newport to Nova Scotia, there are charming harbors that beckon with names such as Sorrento, Friendship, Roque Bluffs, Seal Cove, Fishers Landing, and Birch Harbor.  Dinghies are the mainstay of these harbors.  These small boats, including prams, skiffs, and tenders, can be very rudimentary in their design or works of exceptional craftsmanship.  Dinghies remain at the ready, in service to their owners.  They provide safe passage between the docks, floats, and shore and the lobster boats, yachts, and other large craft moored in the deeper waters of the harbor.  The dinghy is symbolic of the people and landscape of these coastal regions: hard-working, pragmatic, picturesque, and rugged. - excerpted from Afloat on the Tide, published by Sheridan House, ISBN: 978-1-57409-285-1

Sea Sculptures

As if presenting a gift to the beachcomber, sea sculptures are ceremoniously delivered on shore at the whim of the wind and waves. Waiting to be discovered, they nestle in the sand during low tide, only to be uprooted and succumb once again to the rising, churning tides.  Most often sea sculptures, including shells, sponges, and seaweeds, arrive on land damaged by their tumultuous journey eventually becoming indistinguishable from, and part of, the sand. -- This gallery offers images of eye-catching sea sculptures, in all of their many forms, gifted by the North Atlantic. - excerpted from the self-published book, Sea Sculptures, ISBN: 978-0-9815185-1-0

Glass, Water, and Ice Capades

The subjects of glass, water, and ice provide the photographer with great creative liberties. Blending colors and shapes, in both solid and liquid form, offers limitless, though sometimes fleeting opportunities to capture a unique image that tantalizes the imagination.   ____________________________________________________________

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